Script to automatically update firefox since it's not great at doing

this on it's own
John Mertz 2 years ago
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commit a663dfb863

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use strict;
use warnings;
use IO::Prompter;
use File::Which qw( which );
# Configurable variables
my $lang = 'en-CA';
my $install = "$ENV{HOME}/.local/bin";
my $working = "/tmp/";
# Download link as provided by$lang/firefox/developer/
my $url = ''.$lang;
# Ensure that we can unzip
unless (which("bunzip2")) {
die "Requires bunzip2. Try:\nsudo apt install zutils or your distro's equivalent\n";
# Only understood argument is to not bother verifying the package
my ($download_key, $verify) = (0,1);
if (defined $ARGV[0]) {
if ($ARGV[0] eq '--no-verify') {
$verify = 0;
} else {
die "Didn't understand argument $ARGV[0]\n";
# If verification is to be done, make sure we have the key
unless ($verify) {
print "Checking for Mozilla GPG key in keyring...\n";
system("gpg --list-keys release\ 2>&1 > /dev/null");
if ($?) {
my $YN = prompt (-in => *STDIN, "You don't currently have Mozilla's GPG key in your keyring.\nWould you like to install it? If not, installation will not be verified. [y/N]: ", -single);
if ($YN eq 'y' || $YN eq 'Y') {
$download_key = 1;
} else {
$verify = 0;
# If a previous download still exists remove it
if ( -e $working ) {
system("rm -rf $working");
if ($?) {
die "Working directory $working already exists and failed to remove: $!\n";
# Get version currently installed
my $current = `$install/firefox/firefox-bin --version`;
$current =~ s/.*\s([^\s])/$1/;
chomp $current;
use WWW::Mechanize;
my $mech = WWW::Mechanize->new();
# $url is actually going to redirect to the proper current dowload, so just get the redirect.
my $head = $mech->head($url);
my ($location, $version);
# This redirect will have the version id, so we can use that to determine if a new version actually exists
if ($head->{'_msg'}) {
$version = $location = $head->{'_previous'}->{'_headers'}->{'location'};
$version =~ s/^.*\-([^\-]*)\.tar\.bz2$/$1/;
if ($version eq $current) {
die "Current ($current) is the same as New ($version)\n";
} else {
print "unable to find new download\n";
mkdir($working) || die "Couldn't make $working: $!\n";
# Download package
print "Fetching package $location...\n";
$mech->save_content( $working."/firefox-".$version.".tar.bz2", binmode => ':raw', decoded_by_headers => 1 );
# If verification is required, get signature as well
if ($verify) {
$location .= '.asc';
print "Fetching GPG signature $location...\n";
$mech->save_content( $working."/firefox-".$version.".tar.bz2.asc", binmode => ':raw', decoded_by_headers => 1 );
# If key still needs to be fetched, get it
if ($download_key) {
$location =~ s/linux-x86_64.*$/KEY/;
print "Fetching GPG key $location...\n";
$mech->save_content( $working."/mozilla.pgp", binmode => ':raw', decoded_by_headers => 1 );
# And install it
print "Installing Mozilla GPG key in keyring...\n";
system("gpg --import $working/mozilla.pgp 2>&1 > /dev/null");
if ($?) {
die "Warning: failed to import key. Cannot verify integrity.\nDownloaded to $working. You can check and install it to $install manually: $!\n";
# Verify the package
if ($verify) {
print "Verifying download with Mozilla GPG key...\n";
system("gpg --verify $working/firefox-$version.tar.bz2.asc");
if ($?) {
die "Warning: failed to verify download. Signing failed.\nDownloaded to $working. You can check and install it to $install manually: $!\n";
# Uncompress
print "Uncompressing download with bunzip2...\n";
system("bunzip2 $working/firefox-$version.tar.bz2");
if ($?) {
die "Failed to uncompress: $!\n";
# Extract
print "Extracting from TAR archive...\n";
system("tar -xf $working/firefox-$version.tar -C $working");
if ($?) {
die "Failed to extract: $!\n";
# Bin the old backup
if (-e "$install/.firefox.old") {
print "Removing previous backup folder...\n";
system("rm -rf $install/.firefox.old");
if ($?) {
die "Failed to remove: $!\n";
# Move current to old
print "Backing up currently installed version ($current) to $install/.firefox.old...\n";
system("mv $install/firefox $install/.firefox.old");
if ($?) {
die "Failed to move: $!\n";
# Move new to current
print "Moving new version to $install for final installation...\n";
system("mv $working/firefox $install/");
if ($?) {
die "Failed to move: $!\n";
# Hurray!
print "Installation of version $version complete. You should restart firefox whenever it is convenient.\n";