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  John Mertz a92d475e60 Added AndroidUSB mirroring option 3 days ago
  John Mertz 7aa463ebc1 Add hyperlinks in README to relevant scripts 1 week ago
  John Mertz 070613790f Clean old file 1 week ago
  John Mertz 88ea557246 Move setup into function where it is required 1 week ago
  John Mertz fd9ae59e09 Kodi no longer on Wireguard and requires (horrible) auth on LAN 1 week ago
  John Mertz be4b5bd30c Fix resolution of Sam, change new output mapping 1 week ago
  John Mertz a2655a2ef4 Correct Fastnet hostname, add VNC shortcut to Mac 1 week ago
  John Mertz 3731844d4d Document thinkpad/pow.pl 1 week ago
  John Mertz a3a98abe23 Fetcher for Battery and Power status 1 week ago
  John Mertz e3b98b7aac Togglable NetworkManager window for waybar using nmtui 1 week ago
  John Mertz 4af7235289 Files were moved and updated. Deleting old. 6 months ago
  John Mertz 978a6aef4b A simulacrum of a functional swayidle script. 6 months ago
  John Mertz 41ebb871d6 Default displays changed. Added fallback action. 6 months ago
  John Mertz 35ee85f260 Simple script to toggle docked and detached output layouts 6 months ago
  John Mertz 668c3269d9 Add quick switch between docked and detached displays to power menu 6 months ago
  John Mertz da77896e0f Add description for stream-podcasts.pl and setup-wireguard.sh 8 months ago
  John Mertz 5dfdf7085a Script to install wireguard and generate config 8 months ago
  John Mertz 3cfa85d5e5 Script to look up and stream today's podcasts 8 months ago
  John Mertz f10d944e17 Kernel formatting 8 months ago
  John Mertz 806f3996f2 Updated documentation 8 months ago
  John Mertz dc805e06d5 toggle_output.sh was moved 8 months ago
  John Mertz 93731a44e2 Move toggle_outputs to sway directory 8 months ago
  John Mertz 895b9b5588 Thinkpad control scripts 8 months ago
  John Mertz dd6a04088f Better comments, prevent duplicate waybars 8 months ago
  John Mertz 7f41003cdc Updated for WireGuard, prevented reloading waybar on abort 8 months ago
  John Mertz c1d609d8a2 Change to wireguard IP 8 months ago
  John Mertz ed8c247372 Login scripts 9 months ago
  John Mertz b99662e7c1 Remove unnecessary debug line 9 months ago
  John Mertz a663dfb863 Script to automatically update firefox since it's not great at doing 10 months ago
  John Mertz 38ef9f163f Updated docs, removed unneeded or duplicates 10 months ago
  John Mertz ff98665a42 Intial commit of all current scripts 10 months ago
  John Mertz 697cb9cf7a Initial Commit 1 year ago