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John Mertz dd6a04088f Better comments, prevent duplicate waybars
Generate a single config file. Multiple processes seems to have run into
a bug where waybar will restore killed bars.
2020-11-15 23:47:18 -05:00
John Mertz ed8c247372 Login scripts
Stores WM to last_login_gui file to allow for auto-login to the last
used GUI

Removes old log file, executes GUI with new one
2020-10-10 05:06:58 -04:00
John Mertz b99662e7c1 Remove unnecessary debug line 2020-10-10 04:44:51 -04:00
John Mertz ff98665a42 Intial commit of all current scripts 2020-09-11 11:00:39 -04:00