Bootstrap script for installing Fedora CoreOS (FCOS) on OVH.
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2023-10-24 12:45:18 -06:00
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This is a bootstrap script for installing Fedora CoreOS (FCOS) on OVH.

FCOS is not an available image for an OVH VPS, but this script makes it possible to install from 'Rescue Mode' with all of the benefits of a custom ignition configuration.

  1. Order a new OVH VPS with any Linux distribution. This will be overwritten.

  2. Wait for the VPS to be provisioned then select it in the OVH web control panel.

  3. Click '...' next to 'Boot', select 'Reboot in rescue mode'.

  4. Receive your password via email, then connect to the machine as 'root' via SSH or the web KVM console (you may need to paste, so SSH is recommended).

  5. From the Rescue Mode console, run the script:

    $ sh <(curl -s
  6. Provide input for either your ignition file, or generate one by manually inputing your Hostname, SSH public key (entire contents of .id_{rsa,ed25519}.pub file; this is required to log in as the 'core' user).

  7. Select installation volume (default: 'sdb').

  8. Confirm and wait for installation.

  9. Return to the OVH web control panel, click '...' next to 'Boot' again and select 'Reboot my VPS' in order to reboot into the new installation.

Congratulations! You now have Fedora CoreOS on your server! Reboot your VPS from the OVH web control panel and enjoy!